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The Ganga Aarti Ceremony

the most spectacular devotional rituals carried out in the world

Start the day with a handboat tour

people taking bath, performing rituals, worshipping the Sun…

A Varanasi walking tour

Can help to make sense out of Varanasi’s colourful chaos

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Satisfaction and happiness of my clients

If you’re planning a trip to Varanasi…

why private walking tours in Varanasi?

walking tours are an excellent way to explore Varanasi because they allow you to experience the city at a slower pace.

eco friendly

walking tours in Varanasi are also an eco-friendly way to explore the city. By walking, you are reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to sustainable tourism.

a smart choice

whether you’re interested in history, food, or spirituality, there’s a walking tour at Best Varanasi Tours that’s perfect for you.

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and experience the best of Varanasi on foot

What I do

Additional services

as well as being a tour guide

meeting point

the meeting place is always at the customers’ hotel, therefore the meeting and departure point will be made in such a way as to put the tour participants at our walking tour in Varanasi at ease

find suitable restaurants

the search for reliable restaurants is part of my services within the walking tours or as advice if customers want to have lunch or dinner independently

arrange transportation

I organize transport for my clients, with the possibility of choosing the best one according to the needs of the moment


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Danielle D
Danielle D
A diamond in the rough! If you want to see the real, behind the scenes Varanasi choose Prakash as your tour guide! We saw so many cool things and interesting aspects of the local life we otherwise would have missed on our own or with an average guide who just takes you to the obvious tourist sites! His English is excellent and he has a great sense of humor! His hard work and determination can’t help but leave you impressed and inspired!
Hierard Jean
Hierard Jean
A nice day to live. One of those beautiful moments in life. Beautiful tour, strong sensations. A guide, Prakash, who accompanies, knows, is intuitive, redesigns to the client's taste. We had nice moments. I will miss him.
Dominik B
Dominik B
Half day tour in Varanasi Me and my partner booked a tour in Varanasi with Prakash. It was amazing experience. He is knowledgeable, helpful, honest and his English is great. He explained everything and answered all the questions. So if you are looking for a guide in Varanasi, Prakash is the best one. Thank you, Dominik.
Tereza P
Tereza P
Amazing half day tour in Varanasi It was a pleasure to have Prakash as our guide in Varanasi. His English was great, he was super nice and understanding of our needs, he answered all of our questions and explained us important hindu stories. He also gave us very usefull advices for our trip. I would definitely reccommend anyone to book a tour with him!
orla p
orla p
A very Happy Holi in Varanasi We did a full day tour and a half day day over Holi and we had the best time. We were very worried about going out for Holi (female travellers) but Prakash really kept us safe and we had a great time. I’d definitely recommend!
Prakash made this a journey of a lifetime.. Was fortunately introduced to Prakash by the guest house. The tour with Prakash was simply amazing. The by lanes of Varanasi are a web of mythology, stories, culture, sounds, smells and taste. There is absolutely no better way to have someone as knowledgeable and humble like Prakash to take you through. We spent an entire day with Prakash walked 23000 steps and ended our day with the Ganga Aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat. That too was organised by Prakash. The following day Prakash handed us over to his friend for a visit to Sarnath and also organised oses the taxi etc for us. He has been. Super helpful and nice and we never felt that he was taking us for a ride, being pushy or tricky in anyway. It was truly a journey of a lifetime. I recommend him without any reservations.
A Powerhouse of Local, Religious, Cultural, Mythological and Historical Knowledge in Varanasi Prakash ji is the best guide I have come across ever in my life. I engaged his services for a day in Varanasi and I was amazed at his knowledge of history, culture, religion and mythology and the ability to weave it all into amazing stories while showing us around all the ghats and areas around the Ganges. He is fluent in both English and Hindi, is extremely respectful, punctual and possesses inane knowledge about everything Varanasi. He also made us sample and try local cuisine specialties and took us to the right joints to eat delicacies such as Malaaiyo, Chaat, Kachori Aloo, Butter Toast. The day was well rounded off with him arranging to provide us excellent seating option for the Ganga Aarti including Ganga Puja at Dashashwamedh Ghat for the beautiful evening Aarti rituals. He also arranged the trip to visit the Sarnath and the ancient sites around there along with transportation and the best guide for the same. I would recommend Prakashji with my eyes shut to anyone planning to visit Varanasi. Thank you!
Fun in Varanasi I loved this tour. Prakash was so knowledgeable and knew how ro navigate the busy streets. He had great recommendations for lunch and he took great care of us.
Amazing experience Prakash is amazing! The tour was excellent. We were able to see many interesting sightseeing and experience the real Varanasi. Plus Prakash know a lot of things about the spiritual part of this sacred town. I would surely recommend him!
Great friendly guide Brilliant tour. Prakash is such a lovely guy, and knows so much about Varanasi. Took us on a great wander around the old town alleyways, then along the ghats. Nothing was rushed, everything felt very personal and shaped to our interests. Would book him again instantly!

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