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Hello, my name is Prakash

Prakash Gaud

I was born and raised in Varanasi.

Hello and Namaste, dear guests! I’m Prakash, and I was born and raised in the Holy City.

I grew up along the city’s famous ghats, and by 12 years of age I was selling postcards to pilgrims in its winding lanes. Since then I’ve dedicated my life to becoming an expert in the history, geography, myths, and spirituality of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city. I’ve been a full time tour guide here for ten years, during which I’ve shared my love of this city with many hundreds of travellers from across the world. I feel blessed to have the highest rating on Trip Advisor.

I’ve loved Varanasi since my childhood.

Varanasi, also known by its ancient names Banaras or Kashi, is a chaotic, colourful city. The thousand narrow alleys that wind in an infinite maze long to be explored with the eyes of one who seeks to understand the deep soul of this city, and to be given context by a guide who knows them intimately. My mission is to facilitate, in whatever time you have here, a deep and lasting connection with the Holy City.

A Journey of a Lifetime

I offer the most exquisite walking tours of Varanasi, in the language of your choice, in which I share its wisdom, beauty and history.


When you book A Journey of a Lifetime, I will guide you through the awe-inspiring touristic sites as well as tucked away areas that only a lifelong local could know. We’ll discover breathtaking hidden temples, enjoy chai (tea) and barfi (sweets) from master craftsmen, and enjoy open access to sites that are otherwise off limits to visitors.

In whatever time you have here, I will ensure that you experience the true essence of one of the holiest places on earth, and that long after your travels continue, Varanasi will continue to live in your heart.

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